25 Nov 2009

Only 1 Month before................

Their's no way of hiding the facts i hope every1 have started doing thier christmas prep already. Can't believe the year is almost over yukes!!!!!!!!! :)

YES people it has finally happened JEDWARD has finally left the building

10 Nov 2009

X Factor?

I think X Factor is becoming a big joke can't believe what happen on saturday, the decision shouldn't went to deadlock. SHAME ON U SIMON COWELL :(

27 Oct 2009

X FACTOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes!!!!!! Lights Camera Action, the drama is here again the over the top crying, sorry storys the talented the non-telented but whatever the reasons we just can't got enough of the x factor it's our little gem for the weekend where would we be without it, so people make sure u get on broad and support u're fav after all this is the person that we will be seeing and hearing everywhere and when i say everywhere i mean everywhere lol.

19 Oct 2009

MUAHAHAHA i'm coming to get u..............yes that's my attempt on whats going to come over the following week, i find this is the the time when we adults are dying to get out thier in our most scary or sexy ;) outfits and roam the streets (Mainly our streets end lol) trick-or-treat mostly treats :) but no we have to make do with keeping that passion safely locked inside and dress the small ones up parade them to the world while tying to behave like the sensible people of society that we are, don't worry while the little 1 upstairs to bed we shall have all their treat ( o.k maybe not all) and blame it on the ghost of halloween hahahaha *coughh* hahaha :D

9 Oct 2009

Sneak Preview "Sex and the City 2"

Hhmm..... Is that Samantha in a wedding dress surprise surprise :O, I'm really lookin forward to part 2, part 1 was really good.
i don't know if it's just me but i love the series more than the movie don't get me wrong i love the movie but it just can't touch the series for me :)

30 Sep 2009

I think we need to just get it over and done with, i'm very sorry to say but i think we need to put away those beautiful summery dresses and sandals, dust down the coats and boots, which by doing so in the process will help prevent oneself from catching a cold :D