28 May 2010

Sex and the City 2 London Premier

The ladies looking beautiful as ever :) I think Cynthia won this 1, love the blue against the coluor of her hair not that it's a competition

26 May 2010

Paul Wesley

He's just so HOT i can't seem to get enough of him in Vampire diaries. If you do get a chance you should check it out, it's now showing on itv 2 tue 9:00 England

New York Premier of Sex and the City..........

I absolutely love these women, Can't wait to see what they wear for the London premier :)
Plus i'm really looking forward to the movie .

24 May 2010


18 May 2010


Sorry i haven't been updating much about glee after all it's my fav program EVEERRR :) Their's a new cast member in glee, Jesse (Jonathan Groff) i'm secretly in love with him not sure how long he'll be in glee for but he's a lovely addition to the finn and rachel saga but i still want finn and rachel to end up together lol

Will and Emma relationship, will they are wont they this is really killing me,just get it on already. Emma is one of my fav character on glee come to think of it they all my fav love it :)

17 May 2010

Zoe Saldana and Diane Kruger

Both actress in Calvin Klein at the Met ball.

Vampire Diaries !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Picture: The Hollywood gossip)

This program is so hot, I can't seem to get enough of it, and of course Paul Wesley is so hot :)