23 Jun 2010

Todays a beautiful day the weather is fantastic, the food is yummy the company is wonderful
let's hope the England team doesn't dissappoint. COME ON ENGLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Edited: England did win that match by 1 nil but i'm sorry to say Germany brash them 4.1 ouch but if it any consolation Germany did win Argentina by 4.0 which mean we weren't that bad, I think.
Holland and Spain in the final. Holland to win. KOM OP HOLLAND!!!!!!!!!!

21 Jun 2010

Megan Fox: Emporio Armani-SS-2010

Model pro ... Megan Fox

GLEE - Season Finale Performance

Yes my friend the time has come to say goodbye to the wonderful Glee Cast, what am i gonna do with my monday nights :( but thankfully it 's been commission for 2 more series, the only bad news is that we'll have to wait until January for the new series i feel like i'm losing a limb i'm gonna miss Kurt big time.

2 Jun 2010


I love how puck is singing this one ,

Zoe Saldana

Looking amazing in MaxMara at the Crystal + Lucy Awards. Where she won "Face of the future" award.