28 Dec 2011

My Top Ten Song 2011!!!!!

Birdy-Skinny Love
Love her version plus she's only 15 can't wait to see how well she'll progress in the future.

15 Dec 2011

Zoe Saldana!!!!!!!!!!

Zoe Saldana looking elegant at The Children's Defense Fund's 2011 Beat The Odds Event.
Wearing Giambattista Valli!!!!!!!!!!!!


10 Dec 2011

My Top Ten Song 2011!!!!

I'll be posting my top ten songs in no particular order for 2011, It's going to be a random mixture of songs because my taste in music varies to whatever mood i'm in!
1. Ed Sheeran - Lego House
    I pretty much love all his song but this one has too be my favorite can't seem to get it out my head
    P.S I LOVE HIM :)

2 Oct 2011

Rain makes everything better!!!!!!!!!

RainyMood.com: Rain makes everything better.
Check this out! It put a smile on my face hope it does the same for you as well!!!!!!

14 Feb 2011


Leave it to GAGA to do something like this, Hilarious thou got to give it to her and what's up with the new track "Madonna anyone".

1 Feb 2011

Oh Yeah, I'm A Gleek!!!!!!!!

I love watching glee I can't seem to get enough of It :) Last night highlight would Have to be the lovely addition of Sam (Chord Overstreet).  Sam and Quinn make a hot couple!!!

26 Jan 2011


It's been long overdue from the time i promise to post pictures of what i have been working on, I'm currently sewing a Fine Strap Summer Dress with ruffles to hopefully wear this summer coming. Here's a small peekof what I've been up to, I am pretty happy with the progress that I've made with this dress cause this is my first time doing a dress and not only that this is my fourth project I've made from scratch.

(When i spotted this material the first thing come to mind was summer and how beautiful it would look if i could manage *Finger Cross* to made it into a summer dress.)
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16 Jan 2011

Oh Yeah!!!!!!!!!!

I've got a  pair of these babies  and i can't seem to live without them at the moment.

"What was taking me so long to finally get a pair of these awesome boots."

10 Jan 2011

Sewing Class!!!

For quite some time now I've been wanted to learn to sew but never got round to it cause i have always got an excuse of some sort has to why i can't do it now,  so I've finally persuaded myself to got on with it! for almost 2 term now i am taking sewing lessons. At the moment I'm really enjoying it, its nice to make something from scratch and see the expression on people faces when i told them i made it it pretty cool hopefully I'll get to the point where sewing is like the back of my hand. From now on i will be posting the pictures on my blog of the projects that I'm working on.