26 Jan 2011


It's been long overdue from the time i promise to post pictures of what i have been working on, I'm currently sewing a Fine Strap Summer Dress with ruffles to hopefully wear this summer coming. Here's a small peekof what I've been up to, I am pretty happy with the progress that I've made with this dress cause this is my first time doing a dress and not only that this is my fourth project I've made from scratch.

(When i spotted this material the first thing come to mind was summer and how beautiful it would look if i could manage *Finger Cross* to made it into a summer dress.)
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16 Jan 2011

Oh Yeah!!!!!!!!!!

I've got a  pair of these babies  and i can't seem to live without them at the moment.

"What was taking me so long to finally get a pair of these awesome boots."

10 Jan 2011

Sewing Class!!!

For quite some time now I've been wanted to learn to sew but never got round to it cause i have always got an excuse of some sort has to why i can't do it now,  so I've finally persuaded myself to got on with it! for almost 2 term now i am taking sewing lessons. At the moment I'm really enjoying it, its nice to make something from scratch and see the expression on people faces when i told them i made it it pretty cool hopefully I'll get to the point where sewing is like the back of my hand. From now on i will be posting the pictures on my blog of the projects that I'm working on.