10 Dec 2010

Which one will win!!!!!

Rebecca, Matt, Cher and One Direction which one will be crown the winner of the X-Factor 2010.
It's been pretty much a awesome series so far which is what you'd expected, My favourite from the beginning of the series is Matt which I'm happy to say hasn't disappoint me so far (fingers cross) his voice is just simple beautiful plus he hot which helps but even though i want him to win i think One Direction will give him a run for is money those boys are so adorable :) Love Rebecca her voice is so beautiful but she still need to work on the confidence, I'm not a big fan of Cher though i was in the beginning because she is so different "music wise" to the other contestant but i don't think her voice is strong enough to win it. well good luck to all the contestant on the weekend whether they win or not I'm sure their life won't be the same anyway.

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3 Nov 2010


Can't wait to get my hands on it :)

1 Nov 2010

Winter look for guys!!!!!!!!!!!

Jon Kortajarena for H&M

20 Oct 2010

Lady Million!!!!!!!!!

The smell is just simple gorgeous,  i am loving this perfume it's my autumn wear :)

22 Aug 2010

True Blood!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh yeah my friends feast your eyes on pure hotness WOW! 
They sure do know how to spice things up, Anna Paquin is such a lucky girl.
Make sure to pick up the latest issue of Rolling Stone.


15 Aug 2010

Teen Choice 2010 Winners!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah thumbs up for Vampire Dairies for picking up seven surfboard shape awards, including for choice TV show, fantasy/sci-fi.

11 Aug 2010

OLIVIA Does ASOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Image: ASOS Magazine)

She's fast becoming one of the most stylist person in the spotlight her style is so sleek and neat not a hair out of place, from the look of these pictures it's sure to be a runaway success with ASOS. I heart her :)

10 Aug 2010

Hot Vampires !!!!

It's seem that we can't get enough of the bloodsucker on big or small screen they seem to be filling up our life(maybe not our life but our heart aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh) especially when the vampires are so darn hot we just can't help our self so it's only right that i post some vamps photo.

True Blood's Stephen Moyer and Alexander Skarsgard

Twilight's Robert Pattinson and Kellan Lutz

Last but not least Vampire Dairies Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder
(Nina Dobrev surrounded by hotness :D)

29 Jul 2010

Vampire Diaries!!!!!!!

I need to post a picture of the cast to stop the suffering of not getting to watch vampire diaries i need it in my life:) heart it

O.M.G Paul Wesley is way too hot for words :) I just love him

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Happy Birthday Bro, there only 1 way to enjoy your birthday is to eat, get drunk and hit the dance floor MAKE SURE YOU MASH IT UP TONIGHT :) 

 To start ya off!!!!!!

26 Jul 2010

Why i should never have KIDS!!!!!!!!!!!

O.k this is it i have my nephews and niece for the weekend and they just put the nail in the coffin  for me about not wanting kids seriously i don't know why people decide to have them them OK i know their good company and their cute and cuddly but all that stop when they reach three after that they're just the most annoying species on the planet all they do is sit there and expect you do everything all they do is eat trouble eat trouble eat sleep

Knight and Day

Knight and DayImage via Wikipedia
I'm totally looking forward to the new film Knight and day with Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz going to watch it this
weekend with Kakigirl hippee
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10 Jul 2010

Calvin Klein Berlin Fashion Week

The Two faces of Calvin Klein, Zoe Saldana and Kellan Lutz looking totally hot.

....And of course the beautiful Diane Kruger

Dakota Fanning

Dakata Fanning gracing the cover of August Flare and Marie Claire.

Wow! Haven't she grown, she's fast becoming 1 of my fav actress i totally taught she was a brilliant child actress but she's making the transition into a young actress pretty well.
Can't wait to see what she'll be doing in the future.............Better watch this space :)

Marie Claire video of the photo shoot

23 Jun 2010

Todays a beautiful day the weather is fantastic, the food is yummy the company is wonderful
let's hope the England team doesn't dissappoint. COME ON ENGLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Edited: England did win that match by 1 nil but i'm sorry to say Germany brash them 4.1 ouch but if it any consolation Germany did win Argentina by 4.0 which mean we weren't that bad, I think.
Holland and Spain in the final. Holland to win. KOM OP HOLLAND!!!!!!!!!!

21 Jun 2010

Megan Fox: Emporio Armani-SS-2010

Model pro ... Megan Fox

GLEE - Season Finale Performance

Yes my friend the time has come to say goodbye to the wonderful Glee Cast, what am i gonna do with my monday nights :( but thankfully it 's been commission for 2 more series, the only bad news is that we'll have to wait until January for the new series i feel like i'm losing a limb i'm gonna miss Kurt big time.

2 Jun 2010


I love how puck is singing this one ,

Zoe Saldana

Looking amazing in MaxMara at the Crystal + Lucy Awards. Where she won "Face of the future" award.

28 May 2010

Sex and the City 2 London Premier

The ladies looking beautiful as ever :) I think Cynthia won this 1, love the blue against the coluor of her hair not that it's a competition

26 May 2010

Paul Wesley

He's just so HOT i can't seem to get enough of him in Vampire diaries. If you do get a chance you should check it out, it's now showing on itv 2 tue 9:00 England

New York Premier of Sex and the City..........

I absolutely love these women, Can't wait to see what they wear for the London premier :)
Plus i'm really looking forward to the movie .