10 Dec 2010

Which one will win!!!!!

Rebecca, Matt, Cher and One Direction which one will be crown the winner of the X-Factor 2010.
It's been pretty much a awesome series so far which is what you'd expected, My favourite from the beginning of the series is Matt which I'm happy to say hasn't disappoint me so far (fingers cross) his voice is just simple beautiful plus he hot which helps but even though i want him to win i think One Direction will give him a run for is money those boys are so adorable :) Love Rebecca her voice is so beautiful but she still need to work on the confidence, I'm not a big fan of Cher though i was in the beginning because she is so different "music wise" to the other contestant but i don't think her voice is strong enough to win it. well good luck to all the contestant on the weekend whether they win or not I'm sure their life won't be the same anyway.

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