27 Jan 2010

The Cast of Glee!!!!!!!!!!!

Thier are 12 major roles in Glee: Matthew Morrison plays Will Schuester, McKinley High's Spanish teacher who becomes director of the Glee Club, hoping to restore it to its former glory. Jane Lynch is Sue Sylvester, head coach of the cheerleading squad "Cheerios", and the Glee Club's arch-nemesis. Jayma Mays appears as Emma PillsBury, the school's Mysophobic Guidance Counselor who has feelings for Will, and Jessalyn Gilsig plays Terri Schuester, Will's demanding and Amoral wife of five years.
Lea Michele plays Rachel Berry talented star of the Glee Club who is often bullied by the Cheerios and football players. Cory Monteith plays Finn Hudson, star quarterback of the school's football team who risks alienation by his friends to join the Glee Club. Also in the club are Amber Riley as Mercedes Jones, a fashion-conscious diva who resents having to sing back-up; Chris Colfer as Kurt Hummel -a role that was written-in to the show's cast after Colfer's audition--a gay male Saprano who is bullied by the football team, and struggles in early episodes with his identity, Kevin Mchale as Artie Abrams, an electric guitar player and paraplegic; and Jenny Ushkowitz as Tina Cohan - Chang, an Asian American goth student with a fake Speech Impediment. Mark Salling plays Noah "Puck" Puckerman, a friend of Finn's on the football team who at first disapproves of Finn joining the Glee Club, but later joins the Glee Club himself. Dianna Agron plays Quinn Fabray, Finn's girlfriend, who also joins the club to keep an eye on Finn.

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