11 Aug 2012

I'm such a bad blogger :(

When i started this blog I was so excited to do one because i love reading other people blogs it's like having a free magazine at your finger tips so i thought why not try to write one it look reasonable easy plus i have the time, OH so wrong was i lol thinking of ideas is easy but it the making the ideas look interesting, got to think of the picture and writing overall how to present it to an audience so they will like it to a point that they want to com back for more, i haven't give up on this blog it still my baby I'm gonna give myself a fresh start at it again hopefully i can take what i learn so far to the next level.

I'm currently living in Jamaica Yeah!!!! Not sure how long that will be maybe a year or more depend how things work out while I'm here. If your wondering what's up with my temporally move it's because i had this idea in my head for quite some time now about going back to the place that i was born and getting to know it  again plus not working for more than six months i thought it would be a great opportunity to do it now so yeah wish me luck on this beautiful journey.

So my current/future reader I'm looking forward in bringing you more posts to enjoy :)

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